Why So Many People Go Heliskiing In Canada

Heliskiing is an exciting, thrilling, heart pounding adventure for the thrill seekers. It is an adrenaline-inducing sport. This is because it involves speed, height, specialized gear, and a high level of physical exertion. This is owed to the fact that the sport involves off-trail, down hill skiing, in a natural environment only accessible with helicopters. Unlike many traditional sports, the sport gives the skier a chance to ski on uncharted slopes and untouched pillows. The sport has been quite popular ever since the mid sixties.

Heliskiing In CanadaThere are many countries in the world that offer heliskiing. Canada however, holds 90% of the total global market share, owing to its terrain that is diverse, with high glaciers,powdered snow slopes, and steep chutes. Unlike many countries, Canada offers old growth forests, which offer tougher challenges, better visibility, and wind-sheltered snow. It has ample snow that bonds well with an interesting terrain, thus creating the perfect conditions for skiing. Skiing on powder is a more exciting experience than doing so on compact snow. It requires little effort and one only needs little kicks of pressure. It feels like one is riding on a pillow of air.

When heliskiing, it is easy to forget about the rest of the world. Standing on top of a mountain with the sun shining down on the snow peaks, making them glitter is breathtaking. The unexplored terrain adds thrill and offers a great adventure to the skier. Heliskiing in Canada is exciting and hard to beat. Canada has over 270 great ski resorts, magical landscapes, and great conditions for skiing, making it the number one destination for skiers.

A heliskiermust have some basic training in skiing and be able to ski along all types of terrain and get down hill in all-possible conditions. This is important since the weather changes without any warning. Like regular downhill skiing, one must have some basic equipment which includes layered clothing for protection against the cold, goggles for better visibility, a hat, ski gloves, neck warmers and all-mountain skis. A backpack that holds the rescue gear for emergencies is mandatory, and most operations have a trainer or a guard who leads the group through the terrain. It is advisable to ski as a group since it is relatively easy to get lost. Group skiing gives the skiers a chance to compete and this makes it a lot of fun.

During a ski run a helicopter drops off skiers in an open area in a valley. It lays low reducing the power of its rotor blades while the passengers alight. This reduces the snow being blown, hence increasing visibility. The trainer then unloads the gear. The skiers remain crouched until the helicopter takes off. The skiers start their downhill descent led by the trainer until the designated stop where the helicopter picks them up. A normal run goes for seven hundred meters.This sport is addictive. Everything from the scenery to the great offers for the skiers keeps them coming again and again. They have leading training programs for the inexperienced. The resorts also guarantee highly experienced pilots and guards. They focus on safety, quality and service. For the adrenaline seekers, helicopter skiing in Canada is the ultimate experience. Visit for an insightful look on the experience and beautiful photos of people partaking in the sport, and remember, that could be you!

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Mitchell Strathford is an enthusiastic heliskier who writes about helicopter skiing in Canada to a wide audience including people without knowledge to experienced heliskiers. Mitchell highly recommends that anyone interested in the sport visit Great Canadian Heli-Skiing’s blog at for an insightful look on the sport and breathtaking pictures!

A Snowboarder Or Skier’s Dream Summer

Evolve Chile Summer Camp is definitely a snowboarder and skier’s delight. With superb snowboard and skiing conditions and excellent terrain, this summer camp guarantees campers a great time. Evolve Chile offers snowboarders and skiers an out-of-this-world snowboarding and skiing experience. Unsurprisingly, Evolve Chile is becoming one of the favorite summer holiday destinations for snowboarders and skiers from different parts of the world. This is a testimony of the awesome snowboarding and skiing experience offered by Evolve Chile. The experience is so thrilling that campers can’t wait for the next Evolve Chile Summer Camp to be held.

SnowboarderCampers can explore the mountainous terrains and parks of the Evolve Chile Summer Camp during freeriding sessions. These sessions also offers campers a great opportunity to improve their snowboarding and skiing skills. Campers commonly refer to these sessions as school time. Working with experienced coaches, campers learn new techniques and perfect already-learned techniques during these sessions. Thus, every camper- no matter how advanced his or her skill level is- will add some new snowboarding and skiing tricks to his or her repertoire during this session. Campers always leave the Evolve Chile Summer Camp as better snowboarders and skiers than when they came in.

These camps are also designed so amateurs with a love of skiing and snowboarding from around the world can meet and share stories, experiences and tips. Those who attend a camp here are never bored; there are just too many slopes and trails available to experience. There are a wide variety of camps available at the resorts in Chile and their cost and services cover a wide spectrum. Some resorts offer the use of a pool as well as hot tub and provide fitness centers and game rooms. Others provide everything from a cinema to classes in yoga.

Most of the camps offer instruction to accommodate any level of skiing and snowboarding, from beginners to those who are advanced. Since a safe and secure environment is provided, teenagers are free to test their limits and develop their skills. The goal of these camps is to ensure that everyone who goes there leaves a better skier or snowboarder. Many lessons about the world of skiing and snowboarding are taught that last a lifetime. It’s a way for people to travel and engage in a sport they love, at a time of year when it may not be possible where they live. Check out Evolve Chile ski packages and embark on the path to ski South America today!