Three Reasons Why The Detroit Red Wings Will Win The Stanley Cup

Detroit Red WingsThe whole league was uprooted and changed when the new conference and division structure was announced last year. Now that the NHL teams are actually playing in the new divisions, it is interesting to see the kind of effect it is having on some NHL franchises. The Detroit Red Wings had spent years playing in the Western Conference and feeding on lesser teams like the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers. But the Red Wings are in the Eastern Conference now and things are very different. But, in the long run, this change to the Eastern Conference could be the catalyst that brings Detroit a Stanley Cup championship.

Reason 1: The Eastern Conference toughens up the Red Wings.

Let’s be honest, the Western Conference is more of a high-flying style of play that had passed the Red Wings by years ago. When the Wings were winning Stanley Cups in the 1990’s, they were one of the best skating teams in hockey. But since then, the skaters have retired and this new Detroit team loves to hit. In the Western Conference, there isn’t a lot of hitting during the regular season. But in the Eastern Conference, the Red Wings will regularly face teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins, which are two teams that love to hit. This change in the way the game is played could boost Detroit to its first Stanley Cup since the 2007-08 season.

Reason 2: This is Jimmy Howard’s make or break year.

Goaltender Jimmy Howard has the big contract and the number one goalie position sewed up in Detroit; now it is time for him to produce. Howard, as always, looked shaky in the first 20 games of the season. This is something that Red Wings fans have become accustomed to. But now he needs to find his game and start pushing his team forward. Howard looked like the goalie of the future for a little while last season, but then he fell apart. He has not been able to put a consistent season together since he was given the starting role. This is the season that will make or break Howard’s NHL career. If it makes his career, then this season could end in a Stanley Cup win.

Reason 3: Detroit is winning road games.

The Red Wings have become known as a solid team at home, but they have been shaky on the road. This season, the Red Wings have figured out how to win on the road and that always goes a long way towards bring a Stanley Cup championship to a franchise. If a team cannot win on the road, then it cannot win in the playoffs. The Red Wings have definitely figured out how to win on the road and that can lead to some great things when the playoffs roll around. As long as Detroit can continue its success on the road, then this team will be tough to beat in the playoffs.

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Use High Quality Sports Nutrition Supplement to Achieve Your Desired Athletic Goals

glutamine powderHaving a great athletic performance seemingly becomes the desire of all athletes, bodybuilders, and sport enthusiasts. It has become a clear fact that athletic performance determines the quality of an athlete. The better the athletic performance is, the better the athlete is. In fact, the ability to have a great athletic performance is actually influenced by the type of exercises and the nutrition intake. Athletes and bodybuilders need to take certain amount of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrate, and fast in order to achieve their desired sport performance and body shape. In other words, Athletes and bodybuilders should have sufficient sports nutrition if they want to achieve their desired athletic goals.

Thankfully, there are many sports nutrition supplements available in the market these days so that athletes and bodybuilders can achieve their desired athletic performance faster and easier. Online sport supplement stores like Go Nutrition are worth to visit because they provide almost all types of sport nutrition supplements. As a matter of fact, sport nutrition supplements are useful for athletes and bodybuilders because they can supply a sufficient amount of nutrition. If athletes and bodybuilders just rely on food that they eat, they seemingly will not be able to achieve their desired performance. For example, athletes and bodybuilders can simply buy whey protein to fulfill the need of protein. They just need to buy a whey protein supplement to boost the recovery process after an exercise.

However, even though there are many sports nutrition supplements available in the market these days, it does not mean that all sport supplements are worth to buy. Different product quality becomes the main reason why people have to be careful when buying sport nutrition supplements. They need to make sure that supplements they are going to buy contain only selected ingredients. As when you want to buy glutamine powder, you have to make sure that you buy a product that only contains high quality glutamine. Glutamine is an important nutrition for body as it can improve cell immune and repair cells after prolonged or intense exercises. There are many products containing glutamine available in the market these days, giving people more options to choose. If people buy real glutamine supplement, they can expect to get maximum benefits from it.

In order to get high quality sports nutrition supplements, people will need to choose a seller carefully. People need to conduct a survey to find out which seller is right to choose. Even though this effort might take time, he result will enable people to get maximum benefits. Basically, to determine whether a seller is worth to choose, people firstly need to check the reputation. They must find a seller that has the best reputation because such seller usually has the best quality. The better the reputation is, the better the quality is. Then, people need to check whether the store is secured. This is important to consider for people who buy sport nutrition supplements online. They must choose a seller that has a secured website since such store can protect buyers from harmful identity theft.


2013 NBA Basketball Team Preview: New Orleans Pelicans

The New Orleans Pelicans used a major draft-night trade with the Philadelphia 76ers to bring in Jrue Holiday. Will that particular move form the basis for a renewal of sorts in the basketball precincts of the Big Easy? This will be an especially fascinating team to watch as the season begins and then moves on from there.

New Orleans’Strengths:

The Pelicans made themselves a better team when they plucked Jrue Holiday from the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for big man Nerlens Noel. The Pelicans saddled the Sixers with a center whose health is certainly well below 100 percent at the moment, and who might not play at full strength until the 2014-2015 season. New Orleans, in return, received Holiday, one of the better players on the Philadelphia 76ers the past few seasons. Holiday owns a fairly consistent jump shot and puts forth an above-average effort on a regular basis. Holiday will probably play a lot at shooting guard this season, due to the fact that the Pelicans also signed Tyreke Evans from the Sacramento Kings. Evans dominates the ball, and in Sacramento, that didn’t work, but in New Orleans – with Anthony Davis in the middle and Holiday as part of the mix – Evans could find a roster that’s more to his liking. New Orleans should be a much better offensive team this season, with Eric Gordon and Austin Rivers in the mix. It will be important for Rivers – ravaged by injuries last season – to stay healthy and build a rapport with his new teammates. If some of the more unsteady players on this team can improve as a result of having Holiday and Evans alongside them, this team could contend for one of the final two playoff spots in the Western Conference. It’s within the realm of possibility.


New Orleans’Weaknesses:

The Pelicans own a lot of potential, but there are so many scattered parts on their roster. There is something of a thrown-together quality to this team as it is presently constructed. Holiday is a point guard, so his presence with Evans – also a point guard – could create a very confused situation for the Pelicans. As you scrutinize this team, you will find that there isn’t a lot of mature veteran leadership. NorthBet basketball students will note that Anthony Davis is just a second-year player. Eric Gordon is a headcase who has caused a lot of friction with coaches and management during his volatile stay in New Orleans. Evans might be ready to blossom, but he emerged from a highly dysfunctional situation in Sacramento that could leave him ill-equipped for anything that’s about to come his way with the Pelicans. Austin Rivers is just beginning to learn how to be an NBA player, and rookie Jeff Withey is likely to face a long-term process in terms of learning how to play center in the Association.

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New Orleans will be better than it was last season, but not enough to make the playoffs. You can see how this season develops by checking in with Northbet and following Northbet on Twitter.

2013 College Basketball Team Preview: Wisconsin Badgers

The Wisconsin Badgers are one of the most consistent programs in college basketball. More than that, they’re one of the most consistent things about college basketball in any season. This team manages to hold into its identity year after year better than any other, with the possible exception of Kansas. The Badgers usually attain the same results in Big Ten Conference play and, for that matter, the NCAA tournament. Only that last fact is a negative; the Badgers hope that they can find enough firepower to be more of a factor in March Madness this time around.

Basketball Wisconsin Badgers

Wisconsin’s Strengths:

Wisconsin’s great strength is its ability to make opponents conform to its style of play, game after game and week after week. The Badgers simply do not submit to other teams’ methods. Wisconsin plays each game on its own terms. Head coach Bo Ryan insists on a rugged style of defense and a patient, methodical halfcourt offense with endless series of screens and cuts. Few teams are more determined, persistent and patient than Wisconsin is. The Badgers’ effort level is so consistently high that their opponents often tire of the chase. Wisconsin works harder for a longer period of time, and that’s why the Badgers get so many important late-game defensive stops. It’s why opponents take so many bad shots against them and can’t outmaneuver Wisconsin’s defense. Playing Wisconsin is a frustrating experience because teams know that if they don’t shoot well, the Badgers will use all 35 seconds of the shot clock and shorten the game, putting a premium on each and every possession. Wisconsin plants a seed of doubt in the opponent’s mind, telling the opponent that if it doesn’t make each possession work, its chances of scoring enough to win will dramatically decline. This is why Wisconsin’s opponents panic – they know that if things don’t go well against the Badgers in the first half, they face an uphill climb against Bo Ryan’s defense in the second half. There’s a reason why Wisconsin has never finished lower than fourth in the Big Ten under Ryan, one of the superb coaches in the country.

Wisconsin’s Weaknesses:

The Badgers’ weaknesses are just as obvious and as widely known as their strengths. This doesn’t change in any season, either. Wisconsin’s work ethic and all of its basketball virtues are regularly counterbalanced by a lack of dynamic athleticism and scoring punch. Wisconsin is such a good and blended team, but that balance often means that this team lacks a proven go-to guy at the end of a game. The Badgers can go cold from the field and can look lost at the offensive end of the floor. If this part of the puzzle isn’t sufficiently addressed, Wisconsin will lose its first game of the NCAA tournament yet again.

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Wisconsin ends up in the round of 32 or the Sweet 16 in most years. A round of 32 appearance seems just about right for this team in 2014. The Badgers are nothing if not consistent.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Body Builders and Athletes Use Prohormones

Do you know that many body builders and athletes use a prohormone supplement? Would you like to find out the reasons why they use such supplement? Well, these days, prohormone supplements are widely available. They can easily be found not only at local drugstores but also at online stores. There is more than one online store selling prohormone supplement, giving buyers more options to choose. When a body builder needs prohormone supplement, he can find it easily without leaving their comfortable place.

As a matter of fact, there are at least 3 reasons why body builders and athletes use prohormones. The first reason is because the majority types of prohormone are legal to be used as sport supplement. The legality of supplement that you use is really crucial to consider because it influences your peace of mind. A legal supplement usually has been known as having no or minimum side effects so that using them in a regular basis will not harm your health. Legal supplements can be found easily as they are sold at almost all drugstores. The second reason is because a prohormone supplement can enhance muscle growth. Waiting your muscles to grow as you desire can take a long time and need lots of energy. In most cases, you will need to do a regular exercise for a certain period of time to be able to have your desired muscles. If body builders and athletes use a prohormone supplement, they can boost the speed of their muscle growth so they can have their desired muscles much faster.

Then, the third reason is because a prohormone supplement can help prolong a workout. Body builders and athletes can do a workout for a much longer time because the supplement helps boosting their sport performance. Since they can prolong their workout, body builders and athletes can certainly build their body more easily.

Choosing the Right Triathlon Gear

Triathlon is an endurance challenge that tests an athlete in three different sports – cycling, swimming and running. The competition takes place one after another and the person who completes the entire race within the shortest time possible is considered the winner. Competing in such a challenge requires a high level of fitness. In addition to being in great shape, one needs to have the right equipment and gear such as triathlon bar sets from Eureka Cycle Sports to allow easy movement and flexibility.

Technically, if someone wants to successfully complete a triathlon competition, he must purchase the right attire that will be used in the three challenges simultaneously. An individual will not have the time to keep changing gear. So, he must ensure to purchase the right gear for the entire competition.

There are essentially different brands of triathlon gear and equipment. When choosing the right one, an individual must at all times think beyond the brand and focus on the kind that will enhance his performance during the competitions. He must choose the kind of equipment that fits his personal preference and specifications.

Since the competition will commence with cycling, a competitor must invest in a helmet, a proper pair of cycling shoes, a good bicycle with a comfortable seat, peddles and aero-bars. The bicycle should have a hydration system in a convenient place where the cyclist can reach for a bottle of water without interrupting his movement. He must also invest in the proper clothing that is least resistant to air.

Swimming will require a pair of swimming goggles, a swimming suit and a wetsuit if necessary, to ensure the least resistance to water. For those who have long hair a swimming cap will come in handy. Like cycling, running will require a proper pair of running shoes and the right set of clothing.

When looking for the right triathlon equipment, one must focus on comfort and agility. It is always important to feel comfortable when running, swimming or cycling. The triathlon gear may also need to be thermo regulated, because lake or river water can be really cold. Choose gear that will suit your personal preferences, ease your movement and help you win the competition.

Features of Middle Distance Spikes

Middle distance spikes have features that make them highly functional, they also have the right aesthetic effects; because of their inherent attributes, the performance of a runner will be greatly enhanced. The lightweight nature of these shoes makes them highly suitable for races that last for a considerable period of time.

Cutting edge spike plates will facilitate high level efficiency. In a competition, it does not matter who is expending the most energy. What matters most, is who is racing in an efficient manner. With the proper footwear, it will be possible to accomplish much using minimal effort.

In most cases, the spikes of shoes used by middle distance runners closely resemble the spikes on footwear normally used by sprinters. Irrespective of the kind of race in question, what is needed are spikes that will provide much needed stability as one is moving from one point to another. Superior track traction will be achieved if one is wearing footwear that has bottom plates that have been made using durable materials.

The middle sole of most middle distance spikes from is lightweight. The entire structure of the shoe must not be bulky, so that an athlete can easily gain speed when competing. The aerodynamic shape of sporting shoes makes it easy to take off and accelerate.

The feet will be held firmly in place by a well designed interior space. Layers of cushion will absorb shock, subsequently preventing ground forces from affecting a runner. A mesh covering will take comfort to a whole new level, because it will serve as the vent for expelling sweat.

The right pair of performance footwear is the one that has a variety of advanced features. Spikes that have only the most basic aspects are not good. One should purchase a product that is a work of innovation and looks unique in all respects.

The ultimate middle distance spikes a person will purchase will be the variety that properly addresses personal needs. The tastes and preferences of an individual will influence the decision making process. A shopper will be confronted by many options. So as to easily determine the most suitable pair, one should quickly study the overall structure and spikes of the different shoes.

The Different Types of Track and Field Spikes

Track and field spikes are athletic shoes that are used for different types of track and field sports that generally comprise of running, throwing and jumping. The shoes may be referred to as track spikes or track shoes. They would usually have some projections or protrusions at the bottom of their soles called spikes. Spikes or track spikes may be used interchangeably for either the shoes or their spikes (that is, their protrusions).

Different types of track shoes are designed for specific track and field sporting events; athletics can select the right type of track shoes based on the event they may want to partake in. They would also need to select the right type of spike plates and spikes (protrusions) for their shoes too. Track shoes will usually make use of some spike plates at the front of the sole. A spike plate will typically have some threaded holes that are referred to as spike wells, where some spikes (protrusions) may be screwed to the bottom of the shoe.

The toe part of some track shoes may be bent upward (the upward bent angle is generally referred to as the taper) to allow some space for the spikes at the bottom of the shoes. Some running events include sprint, relays, hurdling, long and middle distance running. Some jumping events include high jump, long jump and pole vaulting, while throwing events will include javelin, discus throw and shot put.

Sprint track and field spikes or shoes’ tapers are generally the most rigid and the highest too for track shoes. Long distance running shoes have spike plates that are more flexible than sprints’ and some fewer spikes too. A middle distance running track shoe falls between a sprint and a distance running track shoe.

High jump track shoes have some heel spikes (protrusions) and a flat bottom, while long jump track shoes are somewhat similar to sprint shoes or spikes. Track and field spikes from RS4U can adequately provide some effective traction for various types of sporting events. Each athlete will need to compare different types and brands of track shoes to get the right fit.

Why So Many People Go Heliskiing In Canada

Heliskiing is an exciting, thrilling, heart pounding adventure for the thrill seekers. It is an adrenaline-inducing sport. This is because it involves speed, height, specialized gear, and a high level of physical exertion. This is owed to the fact that the sport involves off-trail, down hill skiing, in a natural environment only accessible with helicopters. Unlike many traditional sports, the sport gives the skier a chance to ski on uncharted slopes and untouched pillows. The sport has been quite popular ever since the mid sixties.

Heliskiing In CanadaThere are many countries in the world that offer heliskiing. Canada however, holds 90% of the total global market share, owing to its terrain that is diverse, with high glaciers,powdered snow slopes, and steep chutes. Unlike many countries, Canada offers old growth forests, which offer tougher challenges, better visibility, and wind-sheltered snow. It has ample snow that bonds well with an interesting terrain, thus creating the perfect conditions for skiing. Skiing on powder is a more exciting experience than doing so on compact snow. It requires little effort and one only needs little kicks of pressure. It feels like one is riding on a pillow of air.

When heliskiing, it is easy to forget about the rest of the world. Standing on top of a mountain with the sun shining down on the snow peaks, making them glitter is breathtaking. The unexplored terrain adds thrill and offers a great adventure to the skier. Heliskiing in Canada is exciting and hard to beat. Canada has over 270 great ski resorts, magical landscapes, and great conditions for skiing, making it the number one destination for skiers.

A heliskiermust have some basic training in skiing and be able to ski along all types of terrain and get down hill in all-possible conditions. This is important since the weather changes without any warning. Like regular downhill skiing, one must have some basic equipment which includes layered clothing for protection against the cold, goggles for better visibility, a hat, ski gloves, neck warmers and all-mountain skis. A backpack that holds the rescue gear for emergencies is mandatory, and most operations have a trainer or a guard who leads the group through the terrain. It is advisable to ski as a group since it is relatively easy to get lost. Group skiing gives the skiers a chance to compete and this makes it a lot of fun.

During a ski run a helicopter drops off skiers in an open area in a valley. It lays low reducing the power of its rotor blades while the passengers alight. This reduces the snow being blown, hence increasing visibility. The trainer then unloads the gear. The skiers remain crouched until the helicopter takes off. The skiers start their downhill descent led by the trainer until the designated stop where the helicopter picks them up. A normal run goes for seven hundred meters.This sport is addictive. Everything from the scenery to the great offers for the skiers keeps them coming again and again. They have leading training programs for the inexperienced. The resorts also guarantee highly experienced pilots and guards. They focus on safety, quality and service. For the adrenaline seekers, helicopter skiing in Canada is the ultimate experience. Visit for an insightful look on the experience and beautiful photos of people partaking in the sport, and remember, that could be you!

Author Bio

Mitchell Strathford is an enthusiastic heliskier who writes about helicopter skiing in Canada to a wide audience including people without knowledge to experienced heliskiers. Mitchell highly recommends that anyone interested in the sport visit Great Canadian Heli-Skiing’s blog at for an insightful look on the sport and breathtaking pictures!

A Snowboarder Or Skier’s Dream Summer

Evolve Chile Summer Camp is definitely a snowboarder and skier’s delight. With superb snowboard and skiing conditions and excellent terrain, this summer camp guarantees campers a great time. Evolve Chile offers snowboarders and skiers an out-of-this-world snowboarding and skiing experience. Unsurprisingly, Evolve Chile is becoming one of the favorite summer holiday destinations for snowboarders and skiers from different parts of the world. This is a testimony of the awesome snowboarding and skiing experience offered by Evolve Chile. The experience is so thrilling that campers can’t wait for the next Evolve Chile Summer Camp to be held.

SnowboarderCampers can explore the mountainous terrains and parks of the Evolve Chile Summer Camp during freeriding sessions. These sessions also offers campers a great opportunity to improve their snowboarding and skiing skills. Campers commonly refer to these sessions as school time. Working with experienced coaches, campers learn new techniques and perfect already-learned techniques during these sessions. Thus, every camper- no matter how advanced his or her skill level is- will add some new snowboarding and skiing tricks to his or her repertoire during this session. Campers always leave the Evolve Chile Summer Camp as better snowboarders and skiers than when they came in.

These camps are also designed so amateurs with a love of skiing and snowboarding from around the world can meet and share stories, experiences and tips. Those who attend a camp here are never bored; there are just too many slopes and trails available to experience. There are a wide variety of camps available at the resorts in Chile and their cost and services cover a wide spectrum. Some resorts offer the use of a pool as well as hot tub and provide fitness centers and game rooms. Others provide everything from a cinema to classes in yoga.

Most of the camps offer instruction to accommodate any level of skiing and snowboarding, from beginners to those who are advanced. Since a safe and secure environment is provided, teenagers are free to test their limits and develop their skills. The goal of these camps is to ensure that everyone who goes there leaves a better skier or snowboarder. Many lessons about the world of skiing and snowboarding are taught that last a lifetime. It’s a way for people to travel and engage in a sport they love, at a time of year when it may not be possible where they live. Check out Evolve Chile ski packages and embark on the path to ski South America today!