2013 College Basketball Team Preview: Wisconsin Badgers

The Wisconsin Badgers are one of the most consistent programs in college basketball. More than that, they’re one of the most consistent things about college basketball in any season. This team manages to hold into its identity year after year better than any other, with the possible exception of Kansas. The Badgers usually attain the same results in Big Ten Conference play and, for that matter, the NCAA tournament. Only that last fact is a negative; the Badgers hope that they can find enough firepower to be more of a factor in March Madness this time around.

Basketball Wisconsin Badgers

Wisconsin’s Strengths:

Wisconsin’s great strength is its ability to make opponents conform to its style of play, game after game and week after week. The Badgers simply do not submit to other teams’ methods. Wisconsin plays each game on its own terms. Head coach Bo Ryan insists on a rugged style of defense and a patient, methodical halfcourt offense with endless series of screens and cuts. Few teams are more determined, persistent and patient than Wisconsin is. The Badgers’ effort level is so consistently high that their opponents often tire of the chase. Wisconsin works harder for a longer period of time, and that’s why the Badgers get so many important late-game defensive stops. It’s why opponents take so many bad shots against them and can’t outmaneuver Wisconsin’s defense. Playing Wisconsin is a frustrating experience because teams know that if they don’t shoot well, the Badgers will use all 35 seconds of the shot clock and shorten the game, putting a premium on each and every possession. Wisconsin plants a seed of doubt in the opponent’s mind, telling the opponent that if it doesn’t make each possession work, its chances of scoring enough to win will dramatically decline. This is why Wisconsin’s opponents panic – they know that if things don’t go well against the Badgers in the first half, they face an uphill climb against Bo Ryan’s defense in the second half. There’s a reason why Wisconsin has never finished lower than fourth in the Big Ten under Ryan, one of the superb coaches in the country.

Wisconsin’s Weaknesses:

The Badgers’ weaknesses are just as obvious and as widely known as their strengths. This doesn’t change in any season, either. Wisconsin’s work ethic and all of its basketball virtues are regularly counterbalanced by a lack of dynamic athleticism and scoring punch. Wisconsin is such a good and blended team, but that balance often means that this team lacks a proven go-to guy at the end of a game. The Badgers can go cold from the field and can look lost at the offensive end of the floor. If this part of the puzzle isn’t sufficiently addressed, Wisconsin will lose its first game of the NCAA tournament yet again.

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Wisconsin ends up in the round of 32 or the Sweet 16 in most years. A round of 32 appearance seems just about right for this team in 2014. The Badgers are nothing if not consistent.

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